Combonation Basket, all our Baskets are grown with the highest quality plants bred for baskets like Cascadia® Petunias by Danzinger as well as Calimore® and Celebration® Calibrachoa and the Torenia Moon Series and so many more.
Plant Information List
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Acalypha Chenille Firetail Fuchsia Darkeyes
African Blue Basil Fuchsia Swingtime
Angelonia Cartia Pink Fuchsia Voodoo
Angelonia Cartia Purple Fall Mums Picture Album
Angelonia Cartia White Herbs
Angelwing Concord Ivy Geranium Peppermint
Angelwing Frosty Lamium Beacon Silver
Angelwing Begonia Louise Burke Lamium Golden Anniversary
Angelwing Begonia Miss Mummy Lamium Hermans Pride
Angelwing Begonia Sinbad Lamium White Nancy
Angelwing Begonia Torch Lantana Confetti
Bacopia Mega White Lantana Patriot Fire Wagon
Begonia Charm Lantana Patriot Dove Wings
Bidens Smiley Lantana Patriot Sunset
Bidens Gold Spark Lantana Pink Caprice
Bougainvillea Barbra Karst Lantana New Gold
Bougainvillea California Gold Lantana Samantha
Bougainvillea Maree Hatten Lophospermum Wine Red
Calibrachoa Blue Mandavilla Red Velvet
Calibrachoa Cherry Mandavilla Tropical Dreams
Calibrachoa Dark Blue Mixed Containers
Calibrachoa Dark Pink Nemisia Antique Rose
Calibrachoa Fire Nemisia Banana
Calibrachoa Light Pink Nemisia Berries and Cream
Calibrachoa Magenta Nemisia Blueberry
Calibrachoa Pink Nemisia Cranberry
Calibrachoa Red Nemisia Parfait
Calibrachoa Terra Cotta Nemisia Plum
Calibrachoa White Nemisia Vanilla
Calibrachoa Yellow Osteospermum Orange
Cascadia Bi Color Lavender Osteospermum Yellow
Cascadia Bi Color Pastel Perennials Picture Page
Cascadia Bi Color Purple Sweet Potato Vine Margarite
Cascadia Blue Sweet Potato Vine Blackie
Cascadia Blue Spark Sweet Potato Vine Tri Color
Cascadia Bordeax Swedish Ivy
Cascadia Champagne Swedish Ivy Green Mountain
Cascadia Chaplin Swedish Ivy Varigated Mint
Cascadia Charlie Improved Scavola Blue Wonder
Cascadia Cherry Spark Sun Loving Coleus Dark Red
Cascadia Choice Sun Loving Coleus Freckles
Cascadia Deep Red Sun Loving Coleus Inky Fingers
Cascadia Great Spark Sun Loving Coleus Lime
Cascadia Happy Dreams Sun Loving Coleus New Orleans Red
Cascadia Lavender Sun Loving Coleus Orange
Cascadia Lime Sun Loving Coleus Painted Pink
Cascadia Pink Sun Loving Coleus Pineapple
Cascadia Pink Spark Sun Loving Coleus Red Ruffles
Cascadia Purple Sun Loving Coleus Rustic Orange
Cascadia Purple Rim Sun Loving Coleus Tilt a Wirl
Cascadia Purple Spark Sun Loving Coleus Dipt in Wine
Cascadia Scarlet Torenia Blue Moon
Cascadia Violet Dreams Torenia Pink Moon
Cascadia Violet Illusion Torenia Violet Moon
Cascadia White Torenia Rose Moon
Cascadia Yellow Eye Torenia Pure Moon
Cascadia Yellow Vegetable Page
Cascadia Doubloon Blue Star Verbena Donnalena Purple
Brugamesia Trumpet Peach Verbena Donnalena Purple with Eye
Datura Trumpet Double Purple Verbena Donnalena Red
Datura Trumpet Double Yellow Verbena Donnalena Lilac
Double Impatiens Musica Orange Verbena Homestead Purple
Double Impatiens Musica Pink Verbena Corsage Red
Double Impatiens Musica Scarlet Verbena Corsage White
Double Impatiens Blackberry Verbena Verlena Lilac
Diascia Genta Coral Verbena Verlena Lavender
Diascia Genta Orange Wave Petunia Blue
Diascia Genta Soft Pink Wave Petunia Red
Diascia Genta White Wave Petunia Purple
Dipladenia Red Riding Hood Vine Wave Petunia Misty Lilac
  Wave Petunia Pink
  Easy Wave Petunia Blue
  Easy Wave Petunia Pink
  Easy Wave Petunia Rose
  Easy Wave Petunia White
  Easy Wave Petunia Salmon
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