Gunters Greenhouse beautiful gardens start with quality plants
Gunters Greenhouse Create Mixed Containers
Please use our list for information in creating mixed containers and baskets. Use plants that will grow well together ( same sun tolerance and water requirments) some plants will require larger pots. Just be creative and choose colors that will complement or use opposite colors for eye catching display's and Have FUN.
  Gunters Greenhouse and Garden Center offers a list to create mixed containers or mixed hanging baskets with our easy to follow plant list, our list is a group of plants that are labeled for easy to pick plants for your combination planter. Please ask for our assistance if you need any help in preperation of your container.  
  Kids love to help plant so a great idea let them plant an edible planter with herbs, peppers (sweet), cherry tomato's, cucumbers and strawberries are always a favorite and let them have FUN Planting and Harvesting.  
Thrillers Fillers Spillers
Thrillers for Combonation Pots and Baskets
Thrillers are not the tallest plants it is the WOW plant, the STAR of the show
Abutilon Sun  
Angelonia Sun  
Argyranthemum Sun also know as margarite daisy
Banana Sun pick shorter varieties unless pot is large
Bidens Sun  
Cannas Sun tropicana has variegated leaves
Celosia Sun  
Coleus sun loving Sun many different colors to choose from
Coreopsis Sun  
Cosmos Sun sonata med height, sensation tall
Dahlia Sun  
Datura Sun all parts of plant are poinsionous
Dracaena (spike) Sun also cordyline can be used
Euphorbia Sun very drought tolerant
Gaura Sun  
Geraniums Sun try pillar much taller variety
Grasses Sun  
Helichrysum Sun also known as strawflower
Heliotrope Sun blooms have a heavy fragrance
Hibiscus Sun  
Lantana Sun lots of colorful varieties to choose from
Marigolds Sun use taller varieties
Millet Ornamental Sun use for large pots as they get big
Papyrus Sun can be used in water gardens as well
Pentas Sun  
Plumbego Sun  
Petunia Sun use wave or cascadia varieties
Purple fountain grass Sun gets very large by end of season
Rudbeckia Sun  
Salvia Sun annual or perennial varieties work well
Sage Sun some herb sage has awsome blooms
Snapdragons Sun use medium to taller varieties
Verbena Sun many colors to choose from
Zinnia Sun many different heights to choose from
Caladium Shade  
Coleus Shade any type of coleus will work
Cordyline Shade  
Dracaena Shade  
Ferns Shade try kimberly queen
Fuchsia Shade try mini blooms more heat tolerant
Geranium Pt sun shade  
Huechera Shade  
Impatiens Shade any will work, try doubles look like rose buds
New Guinea Impatiens Shade Many colors to choose from, new in 2010 varieties fro the sun as well
Fillers for Combonation Pots and Baskets
Fillers add mass and complement your thriller plant, a nice plant to fill in and take up space
Asparagus fern Sun or Shade  
Ageratum Sun  
Alternanthera Sun or Shade no blooms just leaf color
Angelonia Sun drought tolerant plants
Begonia Sun annual or dragonwing work well
Bidens Sun  
Bracteantha Sun strawflowers blooms last a long time
Brachycombe Sun wonderful blue flowers
Calibrachoa Sun  
Carnation Sun  
Celosia Sun  
Chrysanthemum Sun  
Cosmos Sun has a wildflower look, butterflies love them
Cuphea Sun mexican heather, drought tolerant
Dianthus Sun  
Diascia Sun  
Dusty Miller Sun  
Euphorbia Sun  
Euryops Sun  
Flowering Kale Sun  
Gazania Sun  
Geranium Sun  
Gomphrena Sun  
Gerbera Daisy Sun  
Heliotrope Sun  
Helichrysum Sun  
Joseph's Coat Sun or Shade also althernanthera
Lantana Sun  
Marigolds Sun  
Melampodium Sun  
Nemesia Sun  
Osteospermum Sun some sun varieties most need part sun
Pentas Sun  
Petunia Sun annual, waves, easy wave, cascadia
Phlox Sun 21st century, intensia
Plumbego Sun  
Portulaca Sun very drought tolerant
Sanvitalia Sun also sunbini
Salvia Sun  
Setcreasea Sun or Shade also known as Purple Heart
Verbena Sun any type will work
Vinca Sun very drought tolerant
Zinnia Sun  
Angelwing begonia Shade can also be used as a house plant
Bacopa Pt Sun  
Begonia Shade annual
Coleus Shade  
Caladium Shade  
Diascia Shade  
Dragonwing begonia Shade can get pretty large
Dusty Miller Shade  
Hypoestes Shade looks like paint splatter on leaves, can be used as a house plant
Impatiens Shade  
Lobelia Shade  
Mimulus Shade  
Nemesia Pt Sun  
Oxalis Shade looks like large clover, can be used as a house plant
Rex Begonia Shade can be used as a house plant
Torenia Pt Sun  
Solenia Begonia Shade can be used as a house plant
Viola Pt Sun  
Spillers for Combonation Pots and Baskets
Spillers are your trailing plants they sprawl and soften the edges of the planter
Alussum Sun  
Bacopa Sun  
Brachycome Sun  
Bidens Sun  
Calibrachoa Sun  
Chenile Sun  
Evovulus Sun  
Helichrysum Sun  
Ivy Geranium Sun  
Ipomoea Sun sweet potato vine
Licorice plant Sun also known as helichrysum
Lobelia Sun  
Lysimachia Sun creeping jenny, sunset
Mint Ivy Sun can be used as a house plant
Mint Sun Herb mint has nice smells
Oxalis Sun Sunset is a trailing variety
Petunia Sun  
Plectranthus Sun many types available
Portulaca Sun very drought tolerant
Purslane Sun very drought tolerant
Purple Heart Sun also known as setcreasea, can also be used as a house plant, drought tolerant
Scaevola Sun drought tolerant
Sanvitalia Sun also known as sunbini, drought tolerant
Sweet Potato Vine Sun also known as ipomoea
Thyme Sun many different varities available, also has a great scent, drought tolerant
Trailing Vinca Sun cora cascade is diease tolerant and very drought tolerant
Verbena Sun Trailing Varieties
Variegated Basket Grass Sun can be grown as a house plant
Variegated Vinca Vine Sun  
Vinca Minor Sun  
Bacopa Shade  
Bolivian Jew Shade can be grown as a house plant
Helichrysum Shade  
Ivy Geranium Shade  
Ivy Shade can be grown as a house plant
Lamium Shade beacon silver
Lobelia Shade  
Purple Heart Shade can be grown as a house plant
Swedish Ivy Shade can be grown as a house plant
Tahitian Bridal Veil Shade can be grown as a house plant
Torenia Pt Sun  
Vinca Major Vine Shade