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Annuals are best described as a plant that lives for one season. Seasons are split between spring, summer and fall and fall, winter and spring. Most annuals are going to be grown in spring, summer and fall season which we will list those later. Annuals can also be split into groups regular annuals which are produced from seeds and premium annuals which are produced from cuttings off of a mother plant, premium annuals have been cross bred to produce a better plant which could include larger plant, more blooms, different color, more heat or cold tolerant and insect or disease tolerant. Premium annuals are a little higher in cost but well worth the extra money, an example is petunia regular seed petunias are 8-12" high and 8-12" wide and premium petunia like wave petunias are 6-8" tall and 2-3ft wide so it would take alot of regular petunias to make one premium petunia, so try a premium annual this season.
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Gunters Greenhouse grows hard to find specialty plants as well as annuals, perennials, tropicals, vegetables, herbs, vines, container gardens, hanging baskets, mixed baskets, mixed containers, shrubs, fall plants, fall mums, poinsettias, bougainvillas, geraniums, ivy geraniums, wave petunias, cascadia petunia, calibrachoa ( mini petunia ), bacopa, torenia, sun loving coleus, fuchsia, scaevola, purslane, verbena, sweet potato vine, lantana, angelwing begonia, tropical hibiscus, bananna trees, elephant ears and much more!!!!!!
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Having problems with your lawn or garden we can help, see our how to page it has lots of information for your lawn or flower garden and vegetable garden. Remember spend a little more time preparing, use good soil, fertilize regularly and use high quality plants or grass and you will have great success.

TIP: High quaility soil or organics holds more moisture and needs less water.

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Create Super Combo Containers by using 3 rules.
  1. Fillers 2. Thrillers 3. Spillers
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